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A jump-starting tool for creative writing!

Careless Corrigan is an adventurer, a courageous, bold man with only one weakness. He’s, well, careless. He doesn’t think carefully enough about what might happen to him when he’s off on his adventures, whether he’s climbing a mountain, crossing a river or exploring unknown territory.

He’s continually getting himself – and sometimes his girlfriend Linda Lou with him – in difficult and dangerous situations.
It’s up to your students to use their imagination and find ways to rescue him. To help ensure that the students come up with original ideas (rather than clichés) there are certain rules for rescuing our hero.

1-Careless must survive. Whatever the situation, he must come out of it alive. (Linda Lou must survive, too.)
2-There must be no super-human creatures (Superman, Batman, etc.) to help him.
3-Careless doesn’t carry a mobile phone with him.
4-Careless is not armed, he’s got no weapons – except for his Swiss knife.
5-What happens to him is not a dream, it’s real!

In my experience, this task can best be done in pair work. Point out that they should take their time to develop their ideas before putting them to paper. Encourage them to be creative and imaginative. It can be useful to give them a framework (minimum-maximum number of words) to guide their work.

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